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“Aging is Cool; Everybody’s Doing it!”

That’s Why We’re Improving the Lives of Older Texans

It’s our vision that the applied wisdom, energy, and experience of aging will improve the lives of all Texans through education, knowledge, and involvement in legislation and governmental affairs.

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Motivate, educate, and engage older Texans to get involved in the legislative process.


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How you can Make a Difference

Older Texans are the fastest growing segment of the state’s population. Senate Concurrent Resolution 37, passed in 1985 by the Texas Senate, recognized that. They also acknowledged the increased need for the understanding and participation of Texas’ older citizens in helping develop state policies through the legislative process.

Texas Silver-Haired Legislature (TSHL) is a “model legislative session” which enables older Texans to initiate and debate policies that affect their peers. The Senate and House concurrently support the work of a biennial Texas Silver-Haired Legislature.

The State of Texas officially recognizes the work TSHL does by providing facilities, and uses our biennial Legislative Report as a resource in the law-making process. Since the inception of the TSHL, more than 200 laws have been directly influenced by TSHL Recommendations.

Our mission is to help older Texans lead healthier, safer, happier, and more independent lives. Through TSHL, you can make a difference!

19th Texas Silver-Haired Legislature’s
Top 10 Resolutions for the Texas Legislature

Resolution One: Increase the Personal Needs Allowance for Medicaid Residents in Nursing Homes
Resolution Two: Child-Related Income Follows the Child.
Resolution Three: Increase the Readability of the Application and Vote-by-Mail Documentation to Reduce the Rejection Rate.
Resolution Four: Authorize TRS to Provide A Cost-Of-Living Adjustment To Teacher Retirement System Retirees.
Resolution Five: Require a Criminal Background Check for CNAs and LVNs in Nursing Homes and Home Health Companies.

Resolution Six: Authorize a 13th Month Annuity Payment to Employees Retirement System (ERS) Retirees.
Resolution Seven: Amend Family Code To Provide For A Grandparent Conservatorship and Support Bill.
Resolution Eight: Improve Access To Healthcare In Rural Texas For Older Texans.
Resolution Nine: Establish Full Practice Authority for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs).
Resolution Ten: Increase the maximum rate of home-delivered meals for older Texans to $10.00 with an annual cost of living adjustment.

TSHL Legislative Spotlight

Tax freeze achievements by TSHL

Significant Laws Passed Coming from Texas Silver-Haired Legislature Resolutions

  • • Implementing the Texas Silver Alert System
    • City, county, and community college district tax freezes on homesteads of aging and disabled Texans
    • Public school property tax reduction for aging and disabled homeowners
    • Pension soundness for retired teachers and state employees
    • Rural broadband expansion
    • Access to telemedicine and teledentistry
    • Stronger criminal penalties for elder abuse
    • Prohibit the use of eminent domain authority for private gain
    • Increased personal needs allowance for Medicaid nursing home residents
    • Capped malpractice lawsuits awarded by juries to $250,000 for non-economic damages
    • Increased rate for home-delivered meals
    • Authorize benefit counselors of Area Agencies on Aging to assist their clients in preparing their advance directives
    • Require criminal background check of employees and applicants at facilities serving older Texans. No contact with patients until criminal background check is completed
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