Jerome Doerrie, chair of Utilities and Natural Resources, is a retired wheat farmer and an active member of TSHL. His university work was in education, and he planned to spend his working life there. He was the first person employed by TEA to create distance learning in the Texas Rio Grande valley, by television to 41 school districts with four million students in the lower valley. But events change plans.

He returned to Booker after the death of his mother, working first in analysis of compressor engines for Northern Natural Gas Pipelines and then on the farm to help his dad.

He has been active in his church and the community of Perryton, leading the library board during a major expansion of the library, serving on an advisory board to Ag Commissioner Jim Hightower, and helping form the area amateur radio enthusiasts into a responsive team for emergency management. He is a proud member of the North Plains Electric Cooperative.

He and his wife, Bobette,are two-term TSHL Representatives for the Panhandle.


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