Bill Sagstetter, “Word Master,” was born to be a Journalist. While in High School he became editor of the school paper. He majored in Journalism at the University of Texas in Austin then spent his working career doing journalistic work. That was not enough for Bill. He was elected to the Texas Silver-Haired Legislature. His second term, he was elected Chairman of the Communications Committee and became editor of the Silver Bulletin. He developed the Silver Bulletin into a first class document that was enjoyed by all who read it. Before he became too ill to work he had published 29 issues.

Honorable Bill Sagstetter was given Emeritus Honors by the members of the TSHL to show their respect and esteem for him. To his wife Margaret, thanks for sharing this great man with us.

Honorable Bill Sagstetter Emeritus, we miss you.

By Tom Perkins

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